Luxury villas by the lake Pyhäjärvi


High-end accommodation in beautiful natural surroundings by the Pyhävaara mountain

Ruka’s nature provides its guests with a unique experience. From atop of the Pyhävaara mountain you can enjoy stunning views over all Ruka area. The trekking can start straight from the villa. To make the best of your holiday in Finnish national environment, be sure to try white-water rafting, safaris and Oulanka national park – just to name a few.

If you wish to enjoy the area’s native dishes and original tastes in high-end restaurants, go visit Ruka village. You can lay back at the sun terraces after a busy day skiing and afterwards head to the area’s blooming nightlife. All villas are located only a few kilometers away from the Ruka centre.


Villa Aikkila and Villa Aikkilanranta together form an enclosure, so they can be user either together or separately. Both villas have a separate warehouse, carport and a firewood shelter.

In the yard you’ll find a separate summer kitchen. Both villas have their own huts, piers and boats at the beach. You can also buy a licenced fishing permit to enjoy fishing in the lake Pyhäjärvi. Download the brochure here.

Villa Aikkila

Villa Aikkila is a new, apartment house. In each apartment you?ll find three bedrooms, a living room, a well-equipped kitchen and a sauna with it?s own big terrace. The apartments are decorated with style and high-end furniture. They include all needed accessories by the littlest detail. The apartments are spacious with a living area of 80 square meters. Villa Aikkila can accommodate a total of 27 persons.

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Villa Aikkilanranta

Villa Aikkilanranta is a large house located right at the beach of lake Pyhäjärvi with a living area of approx. 200 square meters. The house is equipped with its own sauna (with both firewood- and electric heating). After a hot steam you can move straight to the large, furnished glass-terrace with it?s own fireplace. The building includes a spacious living room and a well-equipped kitchen with all necessary appliances and accessories. There are two bedrooms and a large sleeping loft (6 beds) with it?s own TV and living area. Villa Aikkilanranta can accommodate a total of 10 persons.

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Mastohovi is located in Juhannuskalliontie, almost Ruka peak, located in the holiday apartment, which floor area is approx. 300 square meters. Downstairs is a spacious living room with fireplace, sauna, master bedroom, utility room and 2 toilets. The second floor has a unified living room/kitchen, 4 bedrooms, fireplace, 2 toilets and 2 showers. The third floor is a bedroom with 5 beds. The yard is located in the carport is a warm ski maintenance facilities. The yard is also a grill house. With appointed Mastohovi is top notch. Large outdoor terraces provide additional comfort to the target. Mastohovi accommodate 15 persons+extra beds. The destination can be reached on skis to the slopes as well as latuverkostolle. Villa Aikkilan perinnetupa as well as a beach sauna free to use, according to the contract. The mast court accessories listed below. Equipment located in the Villa Aikkilan.

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Mahdollisuus kalastukseen Kuusamossa. Lupponiemessä on laavu jossa on makuupaikat neljälle, oleskelutila sekä kotakeittiö. Laavussa on suuri terassi. Laavun vieressä erillinen tulipaikka. Puucee. Rannassa laituri sekä kaksi venettä. Kalastusvälineet on. Oiva paikka päiväretkelle. Kohteesta voi tiedustella tarkemmin Sointulta.

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Photo gallery

Villa Aikkila & Mastohovi -esittely 25.6.2018 013.jpg27.2 010.JPGimg_1554.jpg4.3.2018 002.JPG22.3.2018 003.JPG11.12.2017 020.JPG11.12.2017 016.JPG18.4.2018 008.JPGVastaranta.jpg12.8.2017 018.jpg12.8.2017 033.JPG12.8.2017 040.JPGporinreissu 019.JPGAikkilakesä 074.JPGferrari 009.JPG11.12.2017 025.JPGTYHJENNYS8102017 050.JPGhillareissu 010.JPGhillareissu 018.JPGAikkilakesä 053.JPG21.4.2018 003.jpg21.4.2018 001.jpg____20150913_120044.jpg13.7.2018 023.JPGTYHJENNYS8102017 017.JPGferrari 003.JPGlasisauna 001.JPG

Services and activities

• Hunting
• Fishing
• Skiing
• Trekking
• Snowshoe trekking

• Sledding
• White-water rafting
• Climbing to Seita at Pyhävaara mountain (an ancient Saame sanctuary)

Contact information


Kilpeläntie 27


Sointu Tahkola, tel. +358 400 890 525 or Heikki Laiho, tel. +358 500 314 974